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Protect yourself and your property by hiring licensed professionals.

Using an unlicensed contractor can be hazardous to the health, safety and welfare of you and your family. Unlicensed contractors often will target the uninformed and inexperiencedhomeowners, particularly the elderly. Don't let yourself be scammed!

Unlicensed and unpermitted work is against the law, and the homeowner may be liable for penalties from the county and the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR), as well as for personal or financial injuries to others.

Here are some warning signs of an unlicensed contractor

• Requesting a large down payment before work even starts. Only smaller partial payments (draws) should be made until the work is completed.

• If you are asked to pay in cash or make your check payable to an individual or “cash” instead of a company name.

• If verbal contracts are offered.

• The contractor is only willing to work on weekends or after hours

•  If they ask you, the homeowner, to obtain the permit. A licensed contractor in good standing will almost always obtain the permit.

• License numbers are not on their vehicles, business cards, contracts, fliers, etc.

• They travel in unmarked vehicles and solicit door to door.

• They provide you with a post office box instead of a street address.

• Someone else obtains the permit other than the person or company contracted to do the work.

• No record of the business on

Here are some tips for making sure you are hiring a licensed professional

• Ask to see the contractor's license. The license should be issued from the State of Florida Department of Business and Professional   Regulation. The license will have the contractor's name, license number, address and specialty.

• Ask for copies of the contractor's general liability and worker's compensation insurance policies.

• Ask for a written estimate from several licensed contractors. License numbers are required to be printed on the estimate and / or invoice.

• Make sure that the entire scope of work for the job is written and detailed in the contract.

• Ask for references.